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Who is a Rho Gamma? 

She is…

  • Someone who is a positive representation of the Greek Community

  • Someone who will strive to foster a positive Panhellenic spirit before and after Recruitment

  • Someone who is a clear and confident communicator

  • Someone who values and respects diversity

  • Someone who understands that listening is often more important than talking

  • Someone who will be a valuable resource to the Potential New Members all at times

  • Someone who will be well-educated on all of the chapters on campus

  • Someone who will abide by the rules and respects and foster the same in the Potential New Members


She is NOT…

  • Someone who only wants to promote her own chapter

  • Someone who solely focuses on the social aspects of women’s fraternities

  • Someone who who wants to take away from the Potential New Member’s Experience by reliving her own recruitment


Purpose of a Rho Gamma

  • To stimulate and maintain interest in joining a sorority

  • To make the Potential New Member feel she has a Panhellenic friend whom is working in her best interest and capable of guiding her relationships with chapters

  • To assist Potential New Members in adjusting to Chapman University and life away from home

  • To help make the recruitment experience an enjoyable and memorable one for the Potential New Members

  • To promote a positive attitude toward all Panhellenic chapters and the entire Chapman University Greek Community

  • To be available to a Potential New Member at all times to help them and offer guidance in a one-on-one situation

  • To consult the Vice President of Recruitment, or the Panhellenic advisor of any major problems

  • To explain and assist with the mechanics of Recruitment

  • To be a role model for Potential New Members as well as other Panhellenic women AT ALL TIMES!


What you need to know about your Rho Gamma

  • You will meet your Rho Gamma at the Recruitment Orientation in December

  • She is SO excited to meet you! She has been training for this position and could not be more excited to guide you through the Recruitment process.

  • Each Rho Gamma will have between 10 and 20 Potential New Members in her Rho Gamma group.

  • Your Rho Gamma is a resource for you at all times! Whether you have a question about what to wear to rounds, how to get to a class, or you are struggling with adjusting to life away from home, your Rho Gamma will be there for you before, during, and after recruitment.

  • Your Rho Gamma has disassociated from her chapter to be an unbiased resource for you.

  • Your Rho Gamma was chosen out of a very competitive pool of applicants. We love her and hope you do!

A Recruitment Counselor, better known as a Rho Gamma, is a member of the Panhellenic community who has chosen to disassociate from her own chapter to help unbiasedly lead a group of PNMs through the primary recruitment process.


Rho Gamma applications for Spring Formal Recruitment 2022 are now open! 

Applicants can apply by clicking here and applying on Engage. 

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