Am I eligible for recruitment?

Formal Recruitment


You must be enrolled as a full-time undergraduate student at Chapman University for the Spring 2021 term. All current students participating in recruitment must have successfully completed a minimum of 12 credits at Chapman University by January 11th, 2021.  Students transferring to Chapman for the Spring 2021 semester must have completed 12 transferable credits of college-level coursework from another college or university by January 11th, 2021. 


The Chapman sorority average GPA is 3.4.  Women who have below a 2.5 are ineligible to participate in recruitment.  

To help students understand how their GPA may affect their primary recruitment experience, the Panhellenic Council created Grade Zones to show how academics may factor into primary recruitment:


GPA Zones
Green Zone: Your options are not likely limited based on your GPA. (3.0+)
Yellow Zone: Your options are more likely to be limited by your GPA (2.5-2.99)
Red Zone: You are ineligible to participate in recruitment based on your GPA (Below 2.5)

Informal Recruitment


If you are a first-year freshman this semester (Fall 2020) you are not eligible to participate in the COB process.

You will be eligible for all forms of sorority recruitment beginning Interterm/Spring 2021.

In order to be eligible for informal recruitment, you must be a full-time student at the university, earned a minimum of 12 credit hours either from Chapman University or from another university, must have a minimum GPA of 2.5, and is not an initiated member of an NPC organization.

PNM Eligibility

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