future greek women, 

Dear Future Greek Woman,


    Three years ago, when I went through sorority recruitment, I was unsure if I actually wanted to join one. I had thought about it thoroughly and everyone had told me that Chapman’s Greek Life was different, but I couldn’t help thinking about everything I had heard in the media about sororities. I decided to give the formal recruitment weekend a try and if I wasn’t sold on any sorority by the end then I would drop. At the end of the weekend I ended up in a sorority that I felt was the perfect fit. That semester, I met so many amazing and inspiring women that I was now tied to by sisterhood. I felt like I found my people.


    That first semester, I invested so much time in my sorority, but I was also investing my time in my pre-existing friendships. Going into formal recruitment, my friend group consisted of three women who were doing recruitment and three women who were not. The three of us who did recruitment all ended up in different sororities and the three who did not do recruitment are still having amazing college experiences. It’s been three years and those women are still five of my closest friends. When I was going into recruitment, I was so worried that ending up in different sororities or joining Greek Life in general would separate us, but it hasn’t. If anything, it gave us the opportunity to expand, make new friends and then introduce those new friends to each other. I’ve gotten to know so many wonderful women in every sorority on this campus and I have made lifelong friends from each one.


    Being a part of the Panhellenic community has shaped me into the woman I am today and I couldn’t be any more proud of the leader that I have become. With all that said, this is my one experience with sorority life at Chapman. If you ask someone else, they’ll have their own story and introduce you to more experiences that the Panhellenic Community has given them.

I cannot wait to welcome you home.



Lauren Thomason

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